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From great prepaid rate plans to FREE Lifeline service, StandUp Wireless plans all include Talk, Unlimited Text and Data, all on the best LTE network available. That means you can place calls, send text messages, access the internet and do everything you need on your phone, and even faster! And at any point you need more minutes or data, we have some of the best Top Up rates in the market. And we make it easy… you can do it right from your phone using our app or by calling 611 from your phone.

Lifeline Program
If you belong to one of these groups, you might qualify for Free Monthly Minutes, Text & Data! Bring Your Own Phone and Phone Number!

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (Food Stamps)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Veterans pension and Survivor’s Benefit
  • Medicaid

We want to give you service that not only meets your needs but fits your budget, and on your terms. We want to make wireless service, easy. We’re here to support you through all of life’s ups and downs-- making sure that no matter what... you stay connected with family, friends and with everything in between!

All the best LTE Smartphones that one could want… and all come with a 5-inch screen, Dual Cameras and equipped with Android GO-Technology!

Already have a phone that you love? Need a phone for your kids but need to control the costs? Bring Your Own Phone and just buy a plan for as little a $10 month? You’ll get talk, unlimited text and data for the best price!

We know it’s important to offer phones that will hold up and are easy to use. We offer rate plans so that everyone can find something that meets their needs and works for their wallet, plus offering easy ways to Top Up for a great price! And if something isn’t right—we got your back!

Did you know you can download our app in the Google Play store to:

  • Access Your Account Information
  • Top Up your Minutes and Data Immediately
  • Access Customer Care

We believe it is important to give our customers what they need, with just a touch of a button. No need to call someone and wait on hold…you are empowered to do what you need and when! In addition to our app, you can also access your current balance anytime, right from your phone by texting #BAL to 5115.

Need extra time before we charge your monthly wireless bill? We Get it!

Lots of bills can add up quickly — you have rent due in a week and your family needs groceries — and your credit card is maxed or has changed---we get it! Go ahead and pay your most important bills because we’re happy to extend your prepaid cell phone replenish date by a few days to help you get your finances organized. Life happens, which is why we offer our grace period.

We are in the business for one reason-- keeping people connected. Connected to family and friends…. Connected to job opportunities, connected to organizations that can lend a helping hand in an emergency or when you just need them. Connect with a text, with a phone call or even surfing the internet or using social media. Whatever keeps you connected--StandUp Wireless can bring it to you.

Stand Up..It’s Your Turn!